Digital Garden

Graduation project in Visual Communication, 2019. Visit website at:

Sport Psyche

Art direction & concept for Beckmans Fashion Collaboration 2019. Visit website at:

Kristall, Vertikal Accent

A storytelling website about the famous glass obelisk at Sergels Torg and the visions behind it. An exploration of the website as a format, and how you can tell a story in an interesting way in mobile-format.

En hälsning från havet

Greetings from the ocean.“I don’t need you, but you need me”. A visual interpretation of the Beijer Institute's research on the ocean. We are talking about thinking about the environment and the ocean as making nature a service, but it is actually humanity that will ultimately suffer the hardest. We consume the earth's assets at a rate that is not sustainable.

Lilith Society

Brand created together with Fredrika Frykstrand. Clothes and illustrations, inspired by astrology. Sold at Beckmans christmas market 2017, Nobel christmas market 2017, Acne christmas party 2017 and through our instagram @lilith_society.

Online Sharing

A website containing various investigations into sharing online. This is a group project together with Emelie Maxdotter & Jonathan Jervelind, where we did research on different subjects in online sharing, and did each different designs on the folders. I coded & designed the website in a way to present the folders visually. Visit the website here

Paris Fashion Week

Beckmans x Paris Fashion Week; project for 5 fashion designers (both students and alumni) from Beckmans College of Design, fashion programme exposing in Paris during fashion week. Fashion Show at the Institut Suedois, and show room at 0fr galerie, libraire.